Who are H3?

The H3 Consortium:

Drawing on our complementary world-class expertise, tools and experience in plant breeding, analytics and visualization, on projects including: Generation Challenge Program, Integrated Breeding Platform, Breeding View statistical software and on various EU research programs such as EU-MABDE and EU-Whealbi: Biometris, VSNi and James Hutton have come together to build H3.

H3 represents:

• High throughput phenotyping
• High throughput genotyping
• High throughput data analytics

The team:

Fred van Eeuwijk, Martin Boer, Chaozhi Zheng, Bart-Jan van Rossum, Maikel Verouden, Willem Kruijer, Ron Wehrens, Emilie Millet, Joao Paulo, Daniela Bustos-Korts, Darren Murray, David Marshall, Iain Milne, Gordon Stephen, Jim Twynam